Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ergun Caner / James White...the debate that was predestined not to be...

Indeed, when a twisted cartoonist gets it in his head to comment on an issue, look out. I've followed the Caner/White debate issue since the beginning. Slowly having my bloodpressure rise and fall with each episode. I would find myself so irritated by the crassness of Ergun and wondered if I had lost my sense of humor...NAHHH. Mostly I would think of what would prompt an apparently well educated man, a President of a prestigeous university who is older than I am a self described "biblicist" to behave like an idiot. Is that too strong? Okay, how about an emotionally adolecent adult? Is that nicer? sigh... In this age of linguini spined politicians, soft headed theologs and deeply disturbed cartoonists (like yours truly) some straight talk ought to be a breath of fresh air. Do I have any new insight to this saga. No, just some comedic, illustrative commentary.

Ultimately God is in control and knows all hearts and minds. Passions run high and sometimes, buried under the passions, the mind becomes dull. Perhaps that is why Paul exhorts God's people to be transformed by the renewing of their minds and not be conformed to the ruins of passions unchecked. I offer my cartoons to the body as an expression of thought and passion, hopefully mostly thought;O)

Details about this zany Caner/White debate are available at

Guard your thoughts folks. Fill your minds with truth and fairness.
Solo Deo Gloria

(to God be the Glory Alone for those of you in Rio Linda)

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